Dry Gas Seal Control Systems by badura your expert for process measurement technology

We are specialised in dry gas seal control systems of rotating equipment and compressors.

The barrier gas systems concern dry gas seal systems (Dry Gas Seal Control Systems) which must be supervised, to guarantee the high availability of the whole machine. We are familiar with all dry gas seals of the leading manufacturers.

The supervision itself occurs with MSR devices like sensors, transmitters, control valves, et cetera, which are delivered completely in a dry gas seal control panel, ready for connection.

Based on the implemented dry gas seal system we calculate all physical dimensions and pinpoint all measuring areas.

We are your specialists in the field of dry gas seal control systems

Make use of our know-how! Our engineers provide you with the comprehensive detail engineering, as stated:

  • Piping- and instrumentation diagrams
  • 3D-layouts
  • Detailed design of control valves, filters, orifices, gas pre-heaters, transmitters

In addition we are offering following services:

  • Alarm and trip values
  • MSR data sheets and other documents
  • Calculation of sealing gas amounts for dry gas seals from different manufacturers
  • Supervision of the built-to-order manufacturing with sub-suppliers
  • Comissioning/ start-up orientation for the staff